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It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce the news that the Texas Rockies Baseball Organization will be partnering with the Diamond Prospects.  Both organizations have gained the recognition throughout the years as two of the top baseball programs in the DFW area and possess an unprecedented track record of success of developing youth athletes and getting them to the next level.  Between the two programs, there has been nearly a 100% success rate in our players making their high school baseball teams, have combined to send over fifty players to the collegiate level, and had one player selected in the MLB draft.  The changes behind the scenes are starting immediately.  On the field, players and families will see the changes when tryouts begin for the 2021 season.  More details will be available in the coming weeks and months.

The Diamond Prospects offer a unique developmental, competitive, and visible playing opportunity for players and families.  Our teams are led by professional coaches that are committed to the development of the player and strive for the athlete to grow within our system and create opportunities for those players to progress all the way through high school.  Trophies, rings, rankings and national championships are nice but the single most important goal in our organization is helping our players get better.  Diamond Prospect players are constantly drilled on mastering the process, not the results. For this reason, the players get better in our organization and mature and ultimately become the player they were destined to be.  Specifically, they dramatically improve their skills because there is a primary focus in our program on skill set development while developing a better understanding of the game (baseball IQ).

Depending on the time of year, tryout information may be not be available.  In the event information is not listed, you can always contact us about scheduling a future tryout.  Below are the dates, times, and locations of our tryouts.


Although the Rockies and Prospects have achieved impressive on-field success over the years, it is our mission to provide excellent baseball instruction to our players and help them create a path to a successful high school, collegiate, or professional career.  The Prospects' program continuously looks for players who seek to maximize their fullest potential as both a student and an athlete, further enhance their baseball IQ, and want to surround themselves with players that possess the drive and passion for the game of baseball.  If you are interested in joining the Diamond Prospects' program, please fill out the registration form below.  Tryouts are open to any and all high skilled players that are committed to team concept, hard work, and respect for the integrity of the game of baseball.  Private tryouts are available upon request.  Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions regarding the Texas Rockies.