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Explosive Speed & Strength

Explosive Speed & Strength (ESS) Fitness is a complete strength and conditioning program designed to help youth athletes progressive improve their general athleticism, mental dexterity, and sport specific performance through hard work and dedication enabling them to gain the upper hand on their competition.  Our program was founded by former Army Airborne Ranger Larry David on the belief that the core values of athletic competition - dedication, perseverance, hard work, discipline, and team work - are values that athletes carry with them both on and off the field.  Each athlete, regardless of age or skill level, will have the opportunity to produce maximum improvements through the use of cutting-edge techniques and scientific-based training in sixteen workout sessions that focuses on linear and lateral movements, speed and agility development, interval strength training, plyometrics, dynamic flexibility, core development, and injury prevention that will make them more explosive.

Coach David's ESS performance course is suitable for athletes of all ages and skill levels who want to develop foundational athletic skills to gain a competitive advantage.  For an opportunity to have your son train with one of the most renown strength and conditioning coaches in the Dallas metroplex, fill out the registration below.  All registrations and fees to attend the event must be turned in by Wednesday, November 21 as participant entries will be limited.



$300 (No discounts)


November 28 - January 30 (16 Sessions)

Days & Times:

Wednesday (Time/TBD)

Sunday (Time/TBD)

*Deadline to register is Wednesday, November 21.


Mechanics - Running mechanics to sprint more efficiently

Speed - Improve linear and lateral acceleration

Agility - Learn proper deceleration, change of direction, and footwork

Plyometrics - Upper and lower body plyometrics to build an explosive athlete, allowing them to throw/kick/swing faster, jump higher, and move quicker

Strength & Power - Learn the proper mechanics and technique of performance training and how to lessen the chance of injuries


2018 Fall Explosive Speed & Strength Program November 28 - January 30 $300 Closed