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About the Diamond Prospects

The Diamond Prospects baseball organization is a select baseball program based out of Dallas, Texas who merged with the Texas Rockies in 2021.  Both organizations have gained the recognition throughout the years as two of the top baseball programs in the DFW area and possess an unprecedented track record of success of developing youth athletes and getting them to the next level.  Between the two programs, there has been nearly a 100% success rate in our players making their high school baseball teams, have combined to send over fifty players to the collegiate level, and had one player selected in the MLB draft.

Our vision is to provide exceptional baseball instruction utilizing the expertise and experience of former collegiate and professional players in an environment that enhances growth, development, and exposure opportunities to aspiring youth and high school baseball players.  Since our inception, the Diamond Prospects have gained the recognition as one of the top baseball programs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, identified for not only what we have accomplished on the field, but also in the manner in which we operate.


The Diamond Prospects are currently holding private tryouts for the following teams.  To set up a private workout, please fill out the tryout registration form and a member of the Prospects’ coaching staff will be in contact with you.

8U Softball:  2-3 spots available
10U Softball:  2-3 spots available
11U (AA/AAA):  2-3 spots available
13U (AA/AAA):  1-2 spot available
14U (AAA/Maj): 1-2 spots available
15U Showcase (Jones):  PO’s ONLY
16U Showcase (Testa):  1-2 spots available
16U Showcase (Cummings):  Roster spots available
17U Showcase (Testa):  C/P's only
17U Showcase (Garcia):  Roster spots available
18U Showcase (Cummings):  Roster spots available


"There is an energy within the Rockies' organization that just draws you in.  From the moment we walked through the doors, we could tell that the love of the game starts at the top with Ricky Testa and works its way down.  We were looking for a club where our son could be surrounded by people to train, challenge, and encourage him to be the best baseball player he can be, and we have found that and more.  The training offered by the Rockies is outstanding and is set up in such a way that the boys' potential for growth is unlimited.   After just a few short months with the Rockies, our son will tell you that he is a stronger athlete and he has a hope for a future in baseball that he didn't have before."

- Rockies' Parent


"Not only has my son improved as a baseball player due to all of the extra hitting, fielding, pitching, and strength training programs offered by the Rockies, but he’s also developed strong relationships with the coaches, players, and player families, which has fueled his confidence.  He’s flourished within the Rockies' Family because he’s surrounded by good people who believe in him and have his best interests in mind.  This starts at the top with Ricky Testa, and filters throughout the entire organization.  The Rockies are successful because the players on its teams buy into the notion that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  This blue-collar attitude is something that’s easily relatable to young ball players, and it instills a sense of accountability within each young man, which pays dividends well beyond the baseball field."

- Rockies' Parent


"I would like to thank you [Ricky Testa] for the high-quality instruction you’ve given our son over the years.  You’ve been instrumental in improving his baseball skills and abilities, and we are always amazed at how quickly you’re able to correct or adjust specific aspects of his swing or pitching technique to improve his overall performance on the field.  Your encouraging demeanor and ability to challenge our son has not only improved his game, but has enriched his baseball experience and overall love for the sport."

- Rockies' Parent


"We have loved Ricky Testa, all the players and parents and how amazingly fun playing baseball was this year...My boys now see PURPLE in a whole different light!"

- Rockies' Parent


"Playing for the Rockies was one of the best choices I’ve made.  The coaches are great coaches and great guys.  The exposure you get playing with the Rockies is amazing, they bring you to all the best tournaments and showcases with tons of college coaches there.  Coach Testa is always looking out for the players and puts his players first."

- Former Rockies' Player

Do you have a testimonial that you would like to share on Texas Rockies website?  Feel free to let us know how your experience has been with our program so we can share your thoughts!


Texas Rockies Baseball

Texas Rockies Baseball

2020 Championship Titles

Gene Campbell Fall Memorial NIT
Texas Rockies 14U/15U
October 17-18
King Of The Star NIT
Texas Rockies 14U
September 26-27
June Bug Blast *MID WEEK*
Texas Rockies 10U
June 16-17
USSSA DFW World Series
Texas Rockies 14U
June 27-30
Trophy Hunting *MID WEEK*
Texas Rockies 10U
June 30-July 1
Beat The Heat *MID WEEK*
Texas Rockies 14U
July 7-8
DFW Select30 Super NIT
Texas Rockies 14U
July 11-12
GAPT PBR NTX Premier Scouted Series
Texas Rockies 15U
July 15-19
USSSA Baseball DFW State Championship
Texas Rockies 13U - Black
July 25-26
GAPT North Texas Premier Finale Classic
Texas Rockies 16U
August 7-9